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**Cherokee (domestic wild 5 year old paint) was first in HHH's NEWLY donated round pen!! He was unyielding but awesome.  Anna McNallie (trainer) was steadfast & made great progress with him.   
Equinox also had round pen time.  He had some previous halter work, but not under rope.   He & Bruce Lansford were an inseparable team practicing on lead rope prior to his time with Anna in the pen.  Lets just say Equinox was not as focused as Cherokee, but all in all did extremely well for a one  year old . 
We have immediate plans for Horses to be readied for our NEW 
 Horses, Humans, Harmony, & YOGA 
 programs & retreats. 

  (100% of the profits will go to the rescue for equine needs) 
Spearheaded by multi Yoga center Austin owner/creator 
 Anna McNallie.


 We know times are hard.  There are only "so many hours in a day" which one may share (or spare).  Our dollar does not take us as far as it used to.  It is for these & many other good reasons that we would like to thank our 2009 donors. 

Donations (both large & small) are welcomed in any form: cash, new or  used  items, labor, materials,  feed, hay, time, sharing of various  talents &   Tskills,  contacts, usable ideas & many more valuable  
Tsupports !  

(FYI:  All donations go to feed & care of horses.  I have no employees & have thus far never taken any money for myself & have no plans to.  If any excess funds became available, after building a barn & shelters etc,  they will be funneled to assist other needy horses.  Period.  Shari )


Vic McNallie (New Mexico & TX)
Darrell Burnitt (Calvert, Tx)
Anonymous Donor
Dorothy Berryman (Tx/Florida)
Don McMinn (Mt. Home, Tx)
George Lamb @ The Photo Lab (Houston, Tx.)
Melinda Frailey (Mullin, Tx)
Julie & Stephen Schwartz (Goldthwaite, Tx)
Pam & Jim Turner (Goldthwaite, Tx)
Police Activities League of Texas
CMSgt. Eric Steinberg & family (Wichita Falls, Tx.)
Scott Bunker (Virginia)
Shirley Puga (California)
Leon, Jill & David Meredith (Goldthwaite, Tx)
Anna McNallie & Bruce Lansford (Austin, Tx)
Echo Energy: Mike Sample & Misty! (Houston, TX)
Pamela Tocci (Phoenix, Az)
Dharma Gaines & Steve Whaley
(Glen Rose, Tx)
Jim & Terri Thompson (Goldthwaite, Tx)
Shari &
Amy @ AD MAGIC (Netcong, NJ)

& last but not least we're showing off
"the Meredith family" in Angela Leger's wonderful
chuck wagon donation!
  (Please contact us to rent this fabulous chuck wagon for parades,
party transport, & other events!)

MAIL & donations can be received @
461 FM 575 North
Goldthwaite, Texas 76844

Call 325-948-3451 for an appointment to meet any of our wonderful horses available for adoption (references & approved paperwork needed prior to removal of any horse. No exceptions.)

Overnight & weekend camping, reunions & retreats welcome.
(BOOK EARLY.  We are in a  popular deer hunting county.)

Also look us up on:
hhhttp://worldanimal.net/logos.html   l

We welcome inspections!  PLEASE VISIT OUR LOCATION so you can fully understand our commitment to Equine care.
1. We have been visited & approved to receive horses by a former habitat for Horses representative in 2007, & revisited again when this same person dropped off a horse in 2009.
2. Since 2008, we have worked with California rescuer, Shirley Puga, who has rescued over 600 horses!  (GO SHIRLEY!)
3.  We asked our local sheriffs department to conduct a drive through of our complete 148 acre rescue, in 2009, to have a first hand look at our facility.
4. We are proud to assist humane societies, animal investigators,  & nearby law enforcement when we can be of service or assistance.
5. We are but one minute cog in a web of national networks who notify each other of Equine needs in a unified effort to place horses in safe, loving homes!
We hope you will join our team in any capacity!


THANK YOU for taking the time to visit our site!

If you would like to view
57 Happy Horse Haven Rescue Horses featured on our fund-raising deck of cards (& read "their stories") please go to link:              
                  If you are a rescue, retailer, or potential corporate sponsor who would like to participate in selling the deck as a gift with donation or using it as a donor premium or PR give away please go to link:       
All $50 donations will receive a deck of cards!
(while supplies last!)

Kindly supply YOUR Contact Information (or questions) in the convenient form below.

We look forward to getting back to you as soon as possible!  Most of our day is spent feeding, watering, or tending to horses. Please be patient.  It may take a day or two for us to check our E mail & respond back to you. 

First Name:
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Address Street 1:
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This E mail will go to: 
For ADOPTION inquiries please use form below!

THANK YOU for taking the time to contact us!
Happy Horse Haven Rescue

Please give us a brief idea of the type of EQUINE    you are looking for. 
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
Address Street 2:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:

This E mail will go to:   adoptions@happyhorsehavenrescue.com

There are forms to fill out for adoption-this is just to assist us in identifying an appropriate animal for your needs or desires.

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