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  Beau  Arrived May 13, 2009.
Beau was once rescued, then moved after a company transition.  Now needing a new home after loosing a lot of weight and the last owner unable to care for him, Beau was hand delivered by a fairy god mother who immediately made plans to scoop him up (to protect him) once she knew he was no longer wanted!  (I wish others would follow up on former Equines that have touched their lives & we rescues would have far less to overcome.  KUDOS to Kaye & a BIG THANKS to Julie for delivering him as well!)  Beau is an alpha horse, who demands to eat alone, otherwise he makes friends quickly & also protects the eldest in the geriatric pasture.   He is VERY human friendly & easy to communicate with!  I'll let you know in a few months about the "under saddle" part-once he gains some weight.

Beau's primary issues are lack of mobility in the hind quarters & loss of weight & muscle tone.  Look at Big Ben's arrival photo (below).  It is obvious the herbs are making a huge difference in this SAME area in just one month!!   We expect Beau to do every bit as well!
**We wish to THANK Beau'S former owners for sending support for his continued care when they can.  **This is a HUGE help to the rescue & also enables Beau to stay on his much needed  supports!

SSANTANA This impressive APHA gelding paint has ring bone, a disease similar to arthritis in humans.  He is such a loving horse & playful matriarch to young foals.  To avoid slaughter due to his limp, the owner personally brought him to HHH Rescue to live out his days.  A donation was made too, for us to use herbal therapy for a hopeful recovery.  Although the herbs did allow for more freedom of movement & less pain, Santana needs to stay on the formulas to ensure his relief, otherwise he will revert back.  This is still good news for Santana, who is clearly a very happy & wise soul.  Here at HHH we take pride in the natural  care we provide our horses.  We feed raw garlic (which we grow organically), & provide special herbal formulas to meet each horses particular needs; including a daily herbal supplement for the more healthy horses as well.  We have an array of horses with issues such as EPM, laminitis, navicular, ring bone, insulin intolerance, drug & or food-related toxicity, blindness, and sway back etc.).  We also offer plant enzymes for the immune system & digestive tract. We are dedicated to holistic alternatives as a way of life here at the rescue.  Santana is featured (full body) as the KING of HEARTS as one of 56 equine photos offered in a deck of cards sold nationally to support rescue efforts.  See www.horserescuefaces.com for more information.

DBIG RED   is a beautiful AQHA Red Roan.  His past career included excellence in  the  cutting horse arena.  Sadly he has navicular,  deterioration of the tiny navicular bone.  Red    does not  move beyond a walk, although his pace increases -especially at feed time!  His  best  friend is Quincy, an elder Appaloosa.  Red does not share food with Quincy, although they are  pasture pals.  One is not seen without the other  close by.  Red's mobility improves greatly  with navicular shoes, but he has some  trouble keeping the shoes on.  He also improves greatly with herbal navicular supports, but reverts back when he is not maintained on the  formulas.  Because of Big Red's stature, intellect, & careful presence with small children, he is  currently being  evaluated for use in a theraputic riding setting (either here -if we develop a  course, or elsewhere in an established school) for handicapped children.  Big Red is featured in the Horse Rescue Faces deck of cards as the KING of CLUBS -a unique sunburst photograph. 

  This year we are very excited to have  ssponsors.
  CMSgt. Eric Steinberg & family are  sponsoring 2 horses this year.
 Updates on the horses they are sponsoring soon...
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